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Your support helps us provide the very best care for children and find cures that will save lives worldwide.

$50 could provide the Hospital with magazines, books, and crossword puzzles for families; a two-week supply of infant formula; or a box of X-ray film for our specially trained radiologists.

$100 could supply the Child Life Department with art supplies for art therapy sessions; a specially designed activity kit to help kids cope with stressful procedures; baby keepsake journals for the N/IICU; one O2 cylinder cart to ensure safe storage and transport of oxygen within the Hospital; or molecular biology grade water for lab use.

$250 could help purchase ear molds to create hearing aids for children with moderate to severe hearing loss or special mats used during physical therapy sessions.

$500 could help purchase Medic Alert bracelets for diabetics or special dolls used for preoperative teaching with parents, patients and siblings.

$1,000 could help fund music systems to sooth patients in surgery recover rooms; new reference books for the Connelly Center Library.

$5,000 could enable the hospital to purchase two medical simulation dolls used to teach children about their diagnoses and procedures; a years' worth of art and music supplies for Child Life; a specially designed, self-contained Wii system for children at risk of serious infection

By donating to Children's Hospital, you are supporting world-renowned care and research by a team of premier physicians, scientists, nurses and staff.

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